Location and Tax Incentives

Business location is critical to some businesses; irrelevant to others. When you choose a business location, consider:
  • Access to your customers and potential employees
  • For walk-in businesses, the traffic count and available parking
  • Cost of transportation and/or shipping from that location
  • Whether there is a cluster of similar businesses to attract customers and give your business synergy
  • For technology companies, whether there are nearby colleges or nearby technology cluster to inspire new ideas
  • Cost of doing business - taxes, utilities, business taxes
  • Cost of living and lifestyle for you and your employees
  • Cost of lease and leasehold (tenant) improvements
  • Growth rate of the area
  • Whether the location is zoned for your business use
  • Tax incentives offered by the community
Click here for more ideas of what to consider in selecting a business location.

The resources on the right include help finding available properties in our area, tax incentives for locating in low-income areas, general tax incentives, and research incentives.

Incentives to hire employees are found in the Employer Assistance section.

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