Restaurants and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry includes restaurants, hotels, attractions, retail stores Sell to tourists, rental car companies, and more. Primary concerns include customer service, safety for employees and guests, food and hospitality regulations, and business management.

In the right panel, you will find information on government requirements, including tax information and food regulations.

The Business management sections include information for restaurants, including a restaurant feasibility tool, and information for hotels.

The Safety section has an emergency action plan for restaurants and other safety tools.

If you want to provide consistent customer service and a safe environment for all, employee safety is critical. We have some tools to help you, including information on California's Customer Service Academy.

The California Travel & Tourism Commission partners with local hospitality and tourism businesses to promote California locally, nationally, and internationally. You can find out more in the right panel.

Finally, we have many resources to help green your business - both to save money and to attract environmentally concerned customers.

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